Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Movie Review: Ride Along

Ride Along tells the story of a flamboyant guy who’s in love with 2 things, his girlfriend and his Xbox. In order to get the girl he loves, he needs to impress and get the blessing of her brother who’s this “beat ‘em up kill ‘em all” kind of guy. You will be surprised to know that Ride Along was written in 2011 and the studio bought it and kept it on the shelf till Kevin Hart came along to revive it with Ice Cube as a producer and a lead actor on it.

The movie stars Kevin Hart and O'Shea (Ice Cube) Jackson and Laurence Fishburne who play Omar the ultimate bad guy in the movie.

I like Kevin Hart. He is funny as hell and you can tell he has been through a lot before making it. He can hold a scene like no other actor and he even was praised by the likes of (Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock…..etc.) .In this movie he is amazing. His performance screams funny even when he is not trying. Ice cube on the other hand as always excels when he is supposed to be the lead in the movie the guy who saves the day and the guy everybody looks up to (you know the kind).

The movie is a killer. It’s full of laughs full of funny scenes and full of things that don't make sense. I would call the movie typical comedy. Yeah I would call it that. Because it's about a guy who is a weak and meek and have to faces his fears to get with the woman he loves. That’s the plot simplified no twists no breaking the mold. So why did it kill the box office and had the biggest opening on Martin Luther King Day? Because of the actors, because of the punch lines in the movie, because of moments when Ice Cube takes Kevin Hart to the gun range to see what he was made of and if he can he handle a gun and Kevin ends up in the trash can and when Kevin Hart pretended to be Omar. Laurence Fishburne plays an unexpected funny maniac killer. It should be noted that Ice Cube plays a cop and the significance of this note is his past (N.W.A). But he is far behind from that now.

There is a real chemistry between the two actors, an unexpected chemistry might I add. Just watch this interview done while they were promoting the movie and you will see that they have an off camera chemistry as well as on camera.

I watched this movie when I was on Dubai and I bought it on BluRay and trust me it was worth it, because the extra features were amazing and funny. I can’t wait for the sequel to drop in 2016.
P.S: the A-team movie sucks so much that I wrote this review while watching it.

For more info and the trailer, please click here.

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