Saturday, June 14, 2014

Movie Review: Carrie

For movie buffs the name Carrie is super familiar. She’s the weird girl with the extremely religious mother and super telekinetic powers, and who spread terror after getting pranked in prom by getting pig’s blood thrown at her by the “cool” kids. Carrie was released in 1976 and it was such a success that it became a classical horror movie. But today I’m not reviewing that, I’m reviewing the remake of Carrie which was released in 2013.

I haven’t watched the old version, once I do, I will sure to review it. So, let me talk about the 2013 version staring, Julianne Moore as the mother and Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrie.  

This movie was so much better than I expected, because it’s always hard to remake a classic, so I was worried, but I really enjoyed the movie! Julianne Moore was brilliant! Her role as the mother is hard, because she was so crazy and obsessive, but Julianne just shined through it. She really showed how abusive the mother was to Carrie and yet cared for her in her own freaky twisted way.

The scene after the pig’s blood spill was just gruesome and brilliant! It was really the climax of an already thrilling movie.  The scenes were shot and edited in a very cool way. It added to the intensity of the story.

The story for me has so many layers in it. It talks about family abuse, extreme religious believes, teen problems, school bullying, guilt and regret. It’s deep, yet thrilling.

The movie isn’t Horror as per say, as the criteria changed from the 70s till now, but it was a really good thriller that I enjoyed. For more info and trailer, click here.

I really hoped to watch The Fault in Our Stars today, but didn’t get the chance L. I hope to see it soon thought! I hear a lot of great things about it. 

Till then!
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