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The story centers on a very talented pianist, named Tom Selznick (Elijah Wood), who stopped performing in public for a long time because of his stage fright. Five years later, Tom reappears to perform again to his audience in Chicago. During his performance on stage in a packed theater, Tom finds a threatening message on his score that says: “Play one wrong note and you die”.

When I saw the trailer, I thought to myself: “this is definitely a good movie to watch and I’m pretty sure it is one of those artistic movies that I would probably like to own”. I said that because I saw a very interesting combination that would make any movie “A successful movie”.  It was a mixture of art, music, topped with a high-end cinematic look.

Unfortunately, the elements that I just mentioned weren’t utilized very well, AND they weren’t used for a well-developed story. I felt as if the writer had randomly thrown the plot into the script only for the sake of adding tension and suspense without any logical reason behind it. The movie did not explain to us what the sniper’s motivation was, and why he threatened to kill the pianist after all.

When I finished watching the movie I felt really confused. I kept thinking to myself that maybe the story was fine but I didn’t understand it? Maybe the movie contained a hidden message in the music pieces that were played? Maybe if I studied classical music I would understand it? So what I did next was I searched the name of the music piece that the sniper asked Tom to play, La Cinquette, thinking that I would find any information about it or any background that would help me to understand the story. Despite all my effort to try to like it, the film continued to disappoint me. I found out that this piece is one of the movie’s original music, which means there is no history and no hidden meaning embedded into it.

This was my first review on this blog, and hopefully not the last one. I will review more artistic movies in the future and I will definitely recommend the best for you to watch.

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