Thursday, June 26, 2014

Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow

The newest Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt’s movie is just amazing! I loved watching it in Cinema and it’s a movie that I will watch again and will remember for a while!

It’s the normal story of aliens (the ugly kind, not cute Thor kind of aliens) invading Earth and how the National Army is planning for one big hit that they think will destroy the aliens. Officer Cage (Cruise), a previous ad guy, is the army’s PR representative, but when he has a disagreement with the General, he finds himself in the front getting ready to fight. In the day of the battle everything goes wrong, but somehow Cage manages to kill one of the aliens. Killing this one unique alien gave him the power to reset time. Whenever he dies, he starts the day all over again.

I was like, OMG, that is like a dying in a video game, getting a Game Over then just rebooting and starting all over again! It was super wicked! I really loved it. There’s a lot of movies that had time traveling and days repeating, but this one is gripping thrilling and “OMG when this is gonna end, but I don’t want it to end” kind of movie.

Tom Cruise was beyond brilliant in the movie. He nailed the development of the character from just wanting to promote the army and into having to face the strongest and most horrible enemy humans have ever faced. And I can’t express how impressed I was with Emily Blunt! She really can play the action movies! The chemistry between her and Tom was so good! They were badass warriors yet so cute together. And funny!! There were some really funny lines coming from Tom!

The movie doesn’t only have romance, but it’s full with sick combat scenes! It was just awesome! The special features weren’t mind blowing, like it’s what we are used too, but it worked! The suits that the soldiers wore for me, were yes, good, but I felt they were a bit heavy and it kind of made me feel nervous for the soldiers hahaha. 

However, the whole movie experience was just aaaah, AMAZING! I mean … Live. Die. Repeat … what more can one say?!

The movie is also based on the novel, “All You Need Is Kill” by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. All the best movies are based on books <3

For more info and the trailer, click here.

So, this is my last review before Ramadan.
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