Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

So the sequel is coming out tomorrow, Thursday 1st of May! And to watch it, I have to actually watch the first one :p. To be honest I wasn’t that excited to do so, because the fact is, it’s a remake of a movie that was made only 10 years prior to this movie. The story is so fresh in our head! The last Spiderman movie was in 2007! Instead of watching a new story, we go back again to Peter Parker in High School! Again!

I think it’s all because Tobey Maguire, he doesn’t want to do another movie, so they need to find someone new, Andrew Garfield and reintroduce him to us.  As a superhero superfan I obviously watched all the previous movies, so I can easily compare. I liked Andrew more than Tobey, even though some will argue, but for some reason Tobey is emotionless, something cold in him. So maybe it’s a personal taste thing.

The story is the same, Peter get bitten (Again) he makes a custom (Again) he fights scientists turned bad (Again). As you can tell I was bored watching this movie. The story is a bit more refined, but there’s nothing new! The soundtrack is nice though; I liked the tunes. The new special effects are so much better for sure, even though it’s only been 10 years, the special effects have evolved completely.

Emma Stone was good too. I just love her, she’s amazing. I think she needs to do more movies. I don't see her that much these days. She's brilliant! 

That’s about it! I hope 2 is going to be good!  They better do something new, because there is no excuse! It’s the same director, which is positive, I liked Marc Webb take on the story and part 3 is announced for 2014, so better be big on the box office or some people are gonna be yelled at! HAHA!

Till Saturday!

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  1. How is it the same as the god-awful old trilogy? The villain was the Lizard, who wasn't introduced in the original trilogy, Mary Jane isn't introduced, instead they introduced Gwen Stacey, and also, Harry Osbourne doesn't get introduced till the second movie. This new reboot keeps it true to the original comics, which's something we don't see a lot in superhero movies these days (Iron Man, Thor, Avengers, etc.) So I believe this reboot was truely NEEDED for this friendly neighberhoud spider we grew to love, not through his old trilogy, but through his comics and animated shows, and hopefully this new trilogy. Still, a lovely review, I agree with everything else you wrote! Keep it up!

    1. What I meant was the same story line. It's a re-introduction of the character, so the movie has to be done and it's more refine than the old one. I'm not a comic reader so I couldn't do the compression. If I haven't seen the old one I would like this one, but as someone who gets bored very very easily, I didn't see the need to be repetitive this quickly, but still I can understand why they needed to do so and I'm happy that this time they kept it original and made the comic fans happier! Thanks for the comment! I always love a movie talk! If you watched the second movie feel free to comment on it ;) heard good things about it so far!