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Movie Review: Captain America - The Winter Soldier

You all know by now that I have a soft spot for superheroes! My favorites are, you know, The Wolverine (mostly ‘cause of Hugh Jackman), Thor and Iron Man. But the 2014 amazing summer season start with Captain America newest movie, The Winter Soldier.

As he awakes after being frozen for more than 70 years, Captain America (Chris Evans) is yet to adapt and update himself with the new world. To add to his worries, SHEILD is compromised from the inside and he has to run to solve the mystery of who broke into SHEILD’s system. The Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and soldier, Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) are all he has. From the first scene, action starts. I mean well played, well planned action. It set the pace to what’s coming! LOVE IT!

I love how superheroes movies are evolving. For me I believe this is their time; the special effects and technology of today helped them come alive. Not only are they alive, they are real and believable; not as animated as they used to be.

Like all of Marvel movies, Captain America is thrilling, exciting and full with funny witty scenes. For me they always know how to make it appealing to everyone and I believe by the records their movies always smash, I am right.

To be honest, reader, I was never a Comic fan. I never got into it for some reason, but like everyone I grew up on Superheroes. For me they are the 20th century’s modern equivalent to folklore and fairy tales and that is why I love them. I noticed something as I watched The Avengers and Captain America today; every superhero that we know have a distinct character. It’s really got me thinking and Captain America’s character is captivating. He is this honest, straightforward person that we all have in us, but somehow believed to be gone. Maybe he does represent a time when people are more open and honest to each other; a simpler times. 

Chris Evans did an amazing job in reflecting the spirit of that character. Whoever casted him is a genius. I mean even his feature and his poster scream Captain America (the way I see him at least). Also I was shocked by Johansson. She was so much better than in the Avengers. She’s getting good and comfortable as the Black Widow and I’m so thankful that they fixed her hair color! It was way over the top before!

Other than that I really have nothing to say. Just to mention, for those who didn’t watch part 1, it’s all right. you will be told the story of Captain America within the first hour. They did it in a subtle way that I really like.  

I really enjoyed it and THANK GOD!! The summer season started! With a really great movie, nonetheless. I enjoyed it and I know you would too! I’m only disappointed that Divergent is not coming out next week here! The distributers sometimes kill me!

Last but not least, I want to announce that five writers are joining me in my blog! Super excited! Thanks to all of them and to you readers for always coming to see what I’m babbling about today!

Till again!

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