Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Movie Review: The Last Samurai

Are you a fan of Japanese culture? More specifically the Samurai?
If you are then, not watching this movie will definitely kick you out of the Japanese lover list!!  Also, if you are not that type then, your mind will just be taken away by it's imaginative and has an amazing plot and magical landscapes.
It is a movie that will appeal to many tastes since it represent a lot of genres: history, drama and action. It’s amazing, emotional and relaxing. It is a movie that gives people a huge amount of Life lessons.

The story was written by the hands of the famous, successful writer John Logan, who is known by his previous 14 years old movie Gladiator, which won 5 Oscars.

Tom Cruise played the role of the American military captain, Nathan Algren. The Japanese culture plus the actor of, War of the Worlds is something imaginative, believe me.

Nathan’s life was a mess; all he felt was guilt and regret from what he had done in his past; the killing of innocent people. Whenever he experiences flashbacks of scenes of war and the killing of children, adults and the elderly, he gets depressed of what happened and his only option to ignore his past mistakes was to get drunk.

Later on, the Japanese government wanted to hire a professional military leader to train and lead the Japanese soldiers, in order to assassinate the samurai katsumoto (Ken Watanabe), along with his companions, who you will fall in love with just like me! Just kidding.
Anyways, he soon will fall in the hands of the samurai's. At first, he wonders about these people. How are they living together and what kept them fighting together for the past thousands of years?

He then realizes and understands the environment, and understands the way of the samurai and how to find the true pleasure of life that we all seek but few live.
Yup, he really did made me understand and surely he will do the same for you.

Carrying on the story will only ruin the movie and its entertainment, but I can't tell you how I respect this movie, it is somehow realistic and at the same time imaginary!! Believe me, I have watched it over 5 times and I still do, because looking at their perspective of life, like Nathan does in the movie, his past changed. He became a whole different person with less anxiety, more aware of his surrounding and has something to protect and has something to live for. They gave him the concepts of life.

Also, watching how their empire lasted for thousands of years is in itself an honor. They have been protecting it from the past and until now. All of these traditions still being held, the remaining traditions of the samurai history.
One of the best things I love about the samurai is there sword "katana." it is mostly one of the strongest in history because of its sharpness and the holder himself. I truly would love to have one!!

Of course, not to mention the world’s Music Legend Hans Zimmer had his hands on the film. He is a man whom spell of soundtrack enchant millions of people. Especially in this movie, one of the special soundtracks in the movie is "Small Measure of Peace”, an absolute masterpiece of art. The name of it is something important in the movie, which Nathan Algren is seeking for.

Just to mention, it is the best most amazing imaginary soundtrack to me. It is relaxing, which feeds your soul by its taste. Every time I hear it, it reminds me of all that’s good in the nature, specially the cherry tree "Sakura." it is a beautiful kind of trees, with pink leaves filling it. The tree shall give you the peace you are looking for.

What I regret the most is not watching this film in the cinema. I wasn't that movie addict kind of person before, and to be honest I didn't like Japan. I actually thought of it as a normal country with some weird culture. But once I watched this specific movie, it really changed the way I thought of it, and the impact it left on me was weird at the same time awesome.
So don't waste your time. Order it from amazon, and I prefer it to be in Blue Ray so it can astonish it's full potential awesomeness to you.

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