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Movie Review: Midnight in Paris

Many of us wish or know someone who wishes they were born in a different era! “I wish I lived in Paris in 1920's!” that was my thought when I watched this movie. Midnight in Paris is written & directed by my favorite filmmaker, WoodyAllen. Woody, is an actor, director, screenwriter, comedian, musician and playwright whose career spans more than 50 years. In Midnight in Paris, which is his 41st film, he has done a marvelous work on this picture that left audiences with a blissful feeling of happiness when watching it.

The film opens with an American couple who are on a holiday in Paris with the girl’s parents who were there for business. Gil (Owen Wilson) and Inez (Rachel McAdams) are engaged and preparing for their marriage. However, Gil has a special love for Paris as a screenwriter from Hollywood who aspires to be a novelist and to live the vagabond life of a writer in an attic in the “Ville de Lumiere” or the city of light, Paris. Inez on the other hand, wants to live in the high standards of life that she was raised in and who loves life in all its current opportunities.

The film takes an unexpected turn when Gil travels back in time while he was walking through the beautiful allies of Paris. Unexpectedly, an old automobile stops and passengers invited him to join them. It all happened at midnight, this is where the title came from. He finds himself in the Golden Era of Paris where he meets his idols; painters, writers and artists who lived in Paris in 1920's. Gil meets with Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas. He saw the artists who frequented Stein's famous salon: Picasso, Dali, Man Ray, Cole Porter, Man Ray and Tom Eliot. This encourages him to consult his literary heroes on the novel he is writing and that takes him through many events where he discovers his soul through a love story.

Owen Wilson performance was true and convincing as he portrayed the true feeling of a fan meeting his heroes in an astonishing sincere act. The location itself, which is Paris, is enigmatic and Woody Allen succeed in showcasing the beauty and the romanticism of the city of lights through the film’s cinematography.

The music was the element that tied the knot for all the beautiful components of this film. It takes you subliminally to that era and you feel the warmth and beauty of the places, the characters and their costumes in a way that is far from any cliché you might think of at that time.

Kudos to Woody Allen for the great script that won him an Oscar and a Golden Globes award for Best Original Screenplay. The script was enigmatic and powerful and lets you dive into the film and be part of it. The scene where Hemingway talked to Gil about life and death is just captivating.

Midnight in Paris is a true game changer for contemporary filmmaking and commercial cinema. The genius of Woody Allen just has no limit. I would watch this film many times and each time I would feel the same excitement and nostalgia to the time where art and literature were a way of life.

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