Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Movie Review: Pillow Talk

Today I fell sick, so I thought what’s better than to watch a fun classic! I just got the DVD for 1959’s Pillow Talk and I found out it was the perfect amusing film!
The story is about Jan Morrow (Doris Day) an interior decorator and Brad Allan (Rock Hudson) a songs writer who both single and share a party line.

I don’t want to say more because it’s better to see it yourself. But I can say this; it’s hilarious fun and an awesome classic! It really made me feel better and I didn’t regret ordering it!

Classic films are always light and have this enchanting feel to it. It just puts you in a great mood!

The storyline is a new favorite of mine as you don’t feel the hour and 45 minutes pass by! You really don’t! This film I will always recommend to anyone who asks me about Classics!

For me as a no classic expert, this was a film I never heard of and found it by accident in Amazon, but as you can tell I really enjoyed it and it’s such a true Romantic Comedy!

Till the next one!
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