Monday, September 2, 2013

Movie Review: The Wolverine

I was waiting for this film! Mainly because I LOVE Hugh Jackman and also because the X-Men are one of my favorite superheroes. They just have the perfect fantasy-reality blend! And also because Hugh Jackman is the Wolverine!!!

Ok, to be more series and professional, it’s the story of our dear Logan dealing with the aftermath of Jean’s (Famke Janssen) death. He excluded himself from society and everyone and left to live in the mountain. As he finally accepted his loneliness, a man he ones saved reached out to him. You see he was dying and flew Logan all over to Japan to say goodbye to him, but little did Logan knew that this man wanted his healing powers in return to give him a mortal life.
For me, The Wolverine is one of the best films of the summer. Whenever you see a sequel you feel the doubts, but this film is actually enjoyable and good! You never regret seeing it and you actually would want to see it again. It didn’t have a lot of X-Men in it; the focus was mainly on The Wolverine, but it was backed with ninjas!! I love physical fights more than guns and weapons. You can see the art of movement.
The setting in Japan really gave the film a nice atmosphere. You would think it will be cliché, cus we saw a lot of movies now shot in Japan, but it really worked for this film. We moved from the crowded city to the southern villages and them into the snow covered mountains. It’s really beautiful.
The Japanese cast was awesome! They really casted some of their best. Sometimes the casting crew go crazy (like in Pacific Rim), but this time all of them really elevated the film. Hugh Jackman for me will always be an amazing and talented actor! Their something about him that you actually believe the words he says. The pain in Logan’s eyes and his struggle with his guilt and nightmares needs to be genuine and Hugh actually delivered it. I just love him! (If he wasn’t The Wolverine, he’s make an excellent Batman!! Instead of Ben Affleck, ah!)

Anyways! Watch this film!! Waaaatch it!!!

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