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Movie Review: Back to the Future

Like Jurassic Park, I haven’t watched Back to the Future growing up! Even though I heard about it and wanted to watch it, I never got the chance. So, I rented the HD version from iTunes like with Jurassic Park and its so much better all renovated in an HD version!

So the movie is super fun! It’s the story of the young Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) who always assisted the crazy scientist Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd). One day when he went to meet Dr. Emmett, he found him with a car that worked as a TIME MACHIN! And in the first try something goes wrong and Marty is stuck back in time in 1955 where he has to get his parents together or he won’t exist anymore!

The movie is so awesome!! I always enjoy time traveling! It’s very interesting to see the ripple effect you leave when you mess with one little detail of the past! And it’s so fun having a crazy scientist! We haven’t had one of those in a while! Not one that turned into a super hero.

The script is a bit funny and the special effects are of course dated (though it won an Oscar for it back in 1986), but that’s fine. You can still watch the movie and get excited and happy! It really got me into an 80s mood!

This movie is not only a classic, it’s one of the landmark of sci-fi movies! The car alone became an icon! And it also took me back in time where the story and the plot was the focus of the movie, not the special effects. These days everyone want to make bigger, louder movies while people look for the original stories. I think probably that's why people are going to the Hunger Games type of movies, because it's a bit new. I love how simple the story of this movie! I mean just a time traveling machine experience went wrong. It's still fun and entertaining. Like Jurassic Park, it's just a park with Dinosaurs in them, but it's stick in your mind and make you a fan without even realizing it. It's like the same thing with the 90s romance movies and what I said in While You Were Sleeping review.
The special effects these days are mind blowing! If those guys in the 70s and 80s got them, they'll go crazy, so it'll be fun to see something simple and original with a little bit of Special Effects fairy dust ;)

This is a MUST SEE CLASSIC! Highly recommended!

For more info and the trailer, please click here.
Now, I’m gonna rent part 2 now!! It’s super fun!

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