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Movie Review: The Mortal Instrument, City of Bones

The story of the Shadowhunters (Demon Slayers) world! I feel in love with the world when I read the Mortal Instrument prequel trilogy The Infernal Devices (for book review, check my Instagram @KemzBooks).

Ok, this could be a bit complicated, well not that much, but still pay attention. The creator of the world is author Cassandra Clare and she wrote, 7 books in the Mortal Instrument (City of Bones is Book 1) and then wrote a prequel to the series which is set in 1800s, trilogy (meaning 3 books) The Infernal Devices. Each story can be read separately, they’re different characters and different locations, but are the same world and culture! And believe me, if you read one, you’ll want to read the other one!

I read City of Bones and saw the movie, I haven’t finished the series yet, so this is only to review the movie based on the first book. The story begins with Clary (Lily Collins) whose mother had been kidnapped! In her journey to find her, she discovers the world of Shadowhunters and the awesome Institute they live in!

This is one of those movies that make me hate books turned into movies. It wasn’t that great, wrong choice of cast and they messed with too many details in the book. I hate when they do that! I was thinking maybe they added details from other books to clear some stuff, but I didn’t read them, so this is only an assumption.

I really thought that Jamie Campbell Bower killed Jace’s character. Jace is the shadowhunter Clary will meet and who will help her find her mother. In the book his character is clearer. He’s witty and funny in a “oh, nothing hurt me” kinda of defense mechanism. Jamie, the actor, killed the role! KILLED IT!! He sounded like he was reading the script and not embracing Jace’s character. Disappointing!!
The best cast member was Robert Sheehan who played Clary’s human friend, Simon. He nailed it, me think! He was the only one who shined. OMG! And my favorite was Jonathan Rhys Meyers who played the evil Valentine in it as well! Oh, he was GOOD!!! I always love his acting!
My favorite character from both the trilogy and the series is Magnus Bane! I LOVE HIM! There is also a novella series for him, The Bane Chronicles, which I have, but didn’t read yet. In the movie he was, meh, ok. He could be better though. Disappointment again.

So, this movie is a meh movie. If you’re not into the books, don’t watch it!! It’ll ruin the story for ya! Read the books it’s better!

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Oh and Cassandra has a new series on the Shadowhunters coming out soon, The Dark Artifact! That should be awesome! Check the Shadowhunters website for details, click here.

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