Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Movie Review: Jurassic Park

So, I’ve been reading about the new Star Wars Episode directed by J.J. Abrams, I realized that I haven’t watched Star Wars yet! I mean, me! The fantasy crazy diva! So, in honor of the new episode, that will be out Dec. 2015, I’m going to write reviews about old classics that I should have watched growing up, but didn’t.

I will start with a movie, I always wanted to watch, but somehow I didn’t have the chance, the Oscar Winning movie, Jurassic Park. I finally rented the HD version from iTunes (this is my new obsession, btw). I was so excited and happy!

The story of the Dinosaur park that has actual alive and cloned Dinosaurs, Jurassic Park. Before the park is opened and in a private preview tour, things go crazy and the Dinosaurs run wild and free attacking everyone.

It’s so awesome!! The Dinosaurs are so amazingly done! It really feels so real! The whole movie feels like it was made five years ago, not 20! The pace is good. It doesn’t make you feel bored and in the end it’s so thrilling with the Dinosaurs trying to eat everyone. I really really enjoyed it and can’t believe I just saw this! I can’t wait to rent the rest of the trilogy.

This is something to be expected from a Steven Spielberg movie! His ideas and style of direction is just timeless!

A good thing too! A new part is gonna be out in 2015, Jurassic World. For more info on it, click here.

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