Thursday, August 14, 2014

Movie Review: Bad Words

Directed and stared by Jason Bateman, the movie talks about a 40 years old man, Guy Trilby (Bateman), who managed to enter a spelling bee (which is a spelling competition for young students) after finding loopholes in their guidelines.

The story is as simple as that and it only last for an hour and a half and it was funny. Very cynical though and a bit rude, but the whole movie reflects Guy’s angry and resentful character. As we move into the story we’ll understand why Guy became the way he is and it’s interesting.

Normally I don’t like cynical lines, but this movie made me laugh. It was dark and not dark in the same time. Very enjoyable, but if you don’t like these kinda twisty movies, this is not a movie for you.

You know, I’m starting to enjoy watching comedy movies that are directed by comedy actors. This movie and for example as well, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty were made in a very good way and with an artistic touch, not just a cheap comedy. There’s a solid message behind them too. Though for me I think Ben Steller’s Secret Life of Walter Mitty is way way much better. But Bad Words is a good first attempt from Bateman to direct a movie.

I like Bateman’s acting as well. Having Kathryn Hahn in the movie as well was entertaining. She was playing the journalist who is trying to find out why did Guy enter the competition?

Just a word of caution, this is  NOT a movie for kids or family. Don’t be fooled by the spelling bee theme :p.

For more info and the trailer, please click here.

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