Monday, December 29, 2014

Movie Review: The World’s End

From my DVD pile I found this movie! And it was unexpectedly funny! It’s the story of Gary King (Simon Pegg) who seriously did nothing after high school and who always lived in past glories as a teenager. One day he decides to reunite with his schoolmates and relive one of their best adventures, which was drinking from 12 bars in the same night.  His friends who are all moved on and living their lives with wives and kids are reluctant to join him, but they do in the end. The movie is not about drinking, it’s actually about the World is actually ending with aliens suddenly attacking them in the first bar!

I was so shocked hahhaa, but in a good way. If you haven’t watched the trailer like me, you won’t guess it from the first fifteen minute, but that’s made it even better for me. It felt just meh at the beginning, but keep on watching, it gets so much better. It was really a well-crafted Comedy and worth the watch. I cracked up a lot and the end was awesome too!

The idea of the aliens is fun and not too much. There's a lot of action! The cast is great and the script is funny. I’m getting to become a huge fan of British movies. I’m so happy I found this in my pile! 

For more info and trailer, click her.

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