Friday, December 12, 2014

Movie Review: The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies

The journey to Middle Earth has finally ended! My heart broke and bled for it!! There is no world like Middle Earth for me! It’s so amazing! The final chapter of The Hobbit is not as strong as Return of The King (last of Lord of The Rings movies), but it was still full with The Hobbit spirit that just overwhelmed me with emotions!

It’s the end! The finish line of Bilbo Baggins’ journey with his 13 dwarfs companions as they face the dragon and the armies of men, elves, dwarves and orcs who want the treasure of the lonely mountain. And in the background the scary rise of Sauron is happening!

After watching this part I so wanted to go home chill and just have a marathon of Lord of the Rings! Because the movie is such a build up to that! It shows all the details of how Sauron came to be again! It’s so good.

It wasn’t a strong final part, I still think the second one was better, but it’s Middle Earth! You can’t go wrong with it! I was so excited to see how the dwarves fought the orcs and omg the ELVES!! The way they choreographed the fight scenes were eeeeeh! Awesome! I was like, please rewind this!! I need to see it again! It’s so remarkable. They really showed the different technique each race use to fight and talk.

The movie even though it’s suppose to be intense and on the verge of war, it still kept some of the humor we got used to in the first two movies. You should keep your eyes on Bilbo who was played by Martin Freeman! He was so great, funny and full with heart! Martin really nailed it!

It will make you cry! I couldn’t cry much cause my nose was blocked and I was sneezing like a crazy woman hahahhaa but I watched the movie with Abby and you should hear her sob! It was just emotional! Ok, now I’m crying!! Ah! I wanna watch it again!! When I’m done with my Kemz DVD Pile challenge, I will watch Lord of the Rings again and write about it! And that trilogy really REALLY makes me cry!

On this part particularly, why I didn’t think it was the best? It was cause I could tell they used some computer-generated scenes (I dunno what the right term for it) and that made me feel weird. And also some of the script lines in the end felt that it’s not middle earthy for some reason. But I should read the book to be sure.

However, this is a CLASSIC! Like I said, there is nothing like Middle Earth! I wanna go live there! J.R.R. Tolkien really created one amazing world. I only wish that one day I could be half as good! A true MUST WATCH trilogy!

On the ending songs of the trilogy, I have to share the one from the second movie, I See Fire by Ed Sheeran. This song is so magical! I can’t express how amazing it is. If I ever had the pleasure of meeting Ed, the only question I would ask him would be: HOW? How did you manage to sum all the emotions in the story in this one amazing song?! Me and Abby have been obsessing about it for the past year!
For more info on the movie, please click here. If you haven’t watched any of the previous movies, you have to do so before watching this part of else you won’t like it. For my review on the previous parts, please click here.

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