Monday, December 22, 2014

Movie Review: White House Down

So, I finally started watching movies from my DVD piles! I’m still into Channing Tatum and so I watched the only movie with him in it in my pile :p! And it was really really fun! I really wasn’t expecting it to be this good. It’s action packed, thrilling and true entertainment without being too action. 

The story of Cale, (Tatum) an ex military solder who goes to the white house for an interview to be part of the secret service with his daughter (Joey King) by his side. The interview goes bad, but to make his daughter happy, they stick around for the white house tour. They meet the president (Jamie Foxx) and everything is cool until it’s not! The whole house is invaded by unknown terrorist. And I think you can guess the rest :p.

It’s a really good movie! Like I said, it has good action scenes, but without being over the top. There are some big booms, but we’re used to that by now hehe. I really enjoyed Jamie Foxx’s performance! From all times I’ve seen him in a movie, he always brings a new life to the character he plays! He’s brilliant, even as he played the soft heart peace wanting President Sawyer, he still managed to capture the strength in him.  And Channing is as good as ever! I love how he brings soft emotions to his tough characters.

Funny thing this movie came out the same tine as, Olympus Has Fallen who had the same exact idea (with minor differences). I watched Olympus at the theater and it was still good. But I think this one wins it for me. Though I don’t remember that movie very much, which isn’t a very good sign hehehe.

And that’s about it! It’s a good action movie to watch when you’re bored! For more info and the trailer, please click here.

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