Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ajyal Film Review: Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet

This year’s Ajyal Film Festival in Doha is closing with the animation ‘Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet’. The film is directed mainly by Roger Allers alongside nine other directors who each directed a segment on Gibran’s wisdom in the story.

The film follows Mustafa (v. Liam Neeson), a beloved poet who is imprisoned by the government in a secluded house away from everyone. He has a woman (v. Salma Hayek) who comes everyday to clean up and she has a mischievous daughter Almetra (v. Quvenzhané Wallis). The day of his release comes and in his journey to the boat Mustafa tells the people he sees great advices.

The film is colorful and the words of Gibran take it to a whole new level, and mix that with great animation and beautiful music and you’ll find a heartwarming and emotional film that will make you a better person after watching it.

Each of the nine directors directed one segment as I mentioned and that gave each wisdom thought a soul of its own. And each of them had a different animation technique. When I heard it would be that many people working on it, I was like, oh ooh! Danger alert! However, Allers managed to get all those directors to be unique and different yet the film as a whole is coherent and just makes sense actually. My favorite segment was Love. The music and the animation really captured my eyes and truly Gibran’s words are so beautiful! I really need to read his books! 

As you watch this film, you can tell it’s no mainstream and I may not watch it everyday, but I’m happy that I did. The film is light, have some humor and yet deep and heavy with meaning.

If you got a ticket for tonight’s show, lucky you! Go watch it and enjoy! For more information, please click here.

Till again!

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