Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Movie Review: The Seven Year Itch

I’m still digging into my DVD pile and I thought, why not this time try a classic, The Seven Year Itch with Marilyn Monroe! The movie is funny, cute and just the perfect movie to chill out. It also won Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Actor - Musical/Comedy.
It’s the story of New York in the summer of 1955 when the men send their wives to the country to cool off while they work in the heat. Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell ) said good bye to his wife (Evelyn Keyes ) and their son and everything was normal until a girl (Monroe) moved on the apartment on the top floor of his building. Sherman try his best to resist her charms, but can’t help but ask her for a drink and his struggle to not have a summer affair begins.
What I really enjoy in the classic is how the humor is light and cute. Even if it had a sexual context, it still keeps the elegance side of it and in this movie it was funny, smart and entertaining. I also really enjoy the scripts written in that era! This movie was good as well in that department, however because we follow Sherman and his wild wild imagination, there’s a lot of monologue lines, which was a bit boring.
For me, Monroe is never to be missed! She is so much more than just a pretty face. I really love her performances. She’s really good, even though people don’t know that. I’ve seen her in more than movie, and I truly wish she was born in this time. She would be so much more as she is so smart and brilliant. It was only how back then they really didn’t understand depression as we do today.
A good point to classics as well which shows in this movie, is the main male character. They were so different back then! What happened to them? Where are those men? Just a thought.
Anyway, the movie is fun and its funny to watch a married 39 year old man following and trying to get the attention of this gorgeous 22 year old.
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