Friday, December 5, 2014

Ajyal Film Review: Whiplash

Whiplash is a movie I wanted to watch at Ajyal Film Festival since the film guide came out and I was so excited and also scared from that excitement because what of it was bad? However it’s: OMG! OMG! OMG! Such a GOOOOOOD movie!!! OMG!! I LOVE IT!!! It passed my expectation and just amazed me!

The story of Andrew (Miles Teller), a promising drummer who study at a very prestigious music school and the moment he was accepted into a class with the strictest music teacher ever, Fletcher (J.K. Simmons) and together they go through an intense journey that will push both their limits!

The movie is so good and so beautiful and so so so intense! I was blown away by the acting and the script and the setting and everything!! My eyes were glued at the screen and right now as I write this, my brain is screaming, “I wanna see this again!!”  

The directing is brilliant! The synchronizing between the movement and the music is sharp and so on point! It made the movie way more intense and so good! I loved the colors of the movie! AH! The brown background, the black outfits and the rusty golden instruments! It made it so artistic and truly beautiful!

The drumming is so freaking awesome! Miles Teller is freaking genius! I was like how did they find this guy! And the character he played, Andrew, is so complicated. When you play the role of a brilliant person, you have to completely give yourself to the character; physically, mentally and spiritually! The dedication, commitment and obsession a brilliant person has is so not normal! It makes me feel like, wow, I am not motivated enough!

All I thought of when it ended was “WOW!” I enjoyed it so much! You know I always thought that if I ever played an instrument it would be the drums, however I admit that I am not good at anything other than dealing with words :p.

There is Oscar talk on this movie, so you do not want to miss it!! The movie will screen at the Ajyal Film Festival at 11:00pm on Friday December 5 at Katara Building 16, Drama Theatre (K16-DT). For more information and to get the ticket, please click here.  

Till the next one!

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