Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Movie Review: Nightcrawler

I was waiting on this movie since I saw one of the movie stills with Jake Gyllenhaal and after that I kept hearing good things about it, so when it was out here, I had to go. And let me tell you, Jake Gyllenhaal is one BRILLIANT actor!

The movie follows the story of Jake’s character, Louis Bloom as he tries and finds a job. In his search he stumbles on the Nightcrawlers (no, not vampires) they’re video shooting freelancers who shoot every accident from car crashes, fires to murders and sell the footage to the news channels. He buys a car and starts his business as a nightcrawler.

The thing is Lo is super super super SUPER creepy! He is one of those people you’re like, ooh I don’t want to ever meet him. And Jake portrayed him amazingly! I mean wow! I was so shocked by his acting. You can see the creepiness in his eyes, in his voice and even in his breathing! I think without that performance the movie won’t get as much attention as it has now. He deserves an award!

The story as a whole is good and has some suspense, but for me I think that the story is about the mental condition of Lo and how he sees life and how he act with people. What I like was that we don’t know Lo, as much as we hear him speak and see him move, there is a mystery of where he came from and why he became the way he is. It’s quite interesting now as I think about it.

No matter what I say I keep seeing Jake on the screen and as good as the filming or the cinematography of the movie, Jake’s performance shined through it all and created a high standard for the movie!

The movie is really good and it also showed us something new for people like me who never knew about Nightcrawling. I mean we don’t even have it in Qatar, I think. So, it’s interesting to see how they all compete together and what a news channel will do to get those footages. Another think that I liked was how Lo kept on saying how he learned everything online and he keeps on referencing articles and studies and how that is so true for so many people. Now a day you can google EVERYTHING, so it was a nice point in the movie.

For more information and watch the trailer, please click here.

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