Thursday, January 1, 2015

Movie Review: Sleepless in Seattle

I was in the mood for something romantic to start 2015 reviews and this is another movie in my DVD pile and it’s just so perfect! I’m crying right now as I write this!! Ah, how amazing those romantic movies from the 90s! The time of Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock! Ah, such pure magical emotions and this movie is just timeless! So romantic!! I’m still crying!!

The story of widowed Sam (Tom Hanks) and his son Jonah (Ross Malinger), who called a radio show one day to say that his dad, Sam is sad and need a new wife. On the other side, Annie (Meg Ryan), who just got engaged, heard the show and from that moment she couldn’t take her mind off Sam, or as the show called him, Sleepless in Seattle. And one thing led to the next!

I’m sighing all over! We need this kind of movies back! Like seriously, stop making those stupid over sex oriented romantic comedies! People may argue that this movie is cheezy, but even though it had the most unexpected story, it is heavy with true feelings. The struggle of a family after the death of the mother is heart breaking and how they stick together in order to pick up the pieces. These things happen and they are as real as me, whose fingers are writing this review.

Death is such a hard subject and getting over it is hard, because the people you love didn’t leave you out of choice, but they were taken away from you and no matter how much you miss them, you can’t pick up the phone or even stalk them on social media and you try your best to keep the memories alive in your heart, because that is the only thing left. The only thing that makes their previous existence real. Ok, I’m crying again.

Let’s talk about movie stuff now, the soundtrack is just the cutest and the plot is so sweet, funny and such a tearjerker. This is a movie with a beautiful soul! The movie when cheezy movies weren’t that cheezy. Meg Ryan is so amazing in her acting. I love the way she moves hehehe it shows what her character feels like. Tom Hanks, ah, I never thought he was that attractive and cute until this movie! The kid is so cute, and I loved how the movie portrayed his relationship with his Dad. You can’t, but love them. You can’t, but hope that one day you will meet your own Sleepless in Seattle.

I loved every minute of this movie. I miss this! How pure and magical love can be and no matter how many people these days tell us this love doesn’t exist or it’s all a Hollywood lie, I’ve seen proof in real life that love is real and if you were lucky enough you will have a taste of it.

It’s exactly what I needed to watch today! For more info, please click here.

Till again! Oh and Happy New Year ^-^


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