Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Movie Review: While You Were Sleeping

For me the 90s is the best time for Romance movies! It is the time of Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts and their amazing classic Romantic stories. I grew up watching their movies, so I have a special bond to them and I also believe that the 90s was the prime of movie Romance. Today we rarely see any GOOD romantic movies (other than the romantic comedies with Katherine Heigl). It’s so rare that I don’t even bother going to a romance movie in theaters these days.

So, this movie! I love! I adore! It’s so cute and so so special to me! It’s actually why I started collecting snow globes (when you watch the movie, you’ll understand :p) So, the story is this: Lucy (Sandra), a simple girl works at the ticket collecting booth at the metro station and fantasies everyday about a man (Peter Gallagher) who passes by her booth. One day, as she worked the Christmas holiday, two thieves mug that man and throw him into the railway. Wanting to save his life, Lucy jumps after him and saves him. In the hospital, they take him into the ICU and don’t allow her to enter. As she stare at the door, the nurse hear her says “But I was going to marry him” and that starts one amazing romantic story!

As I said, I love this era. It’s when the simplicity of the plot and setting made the movie richer! The moment the DVD played and I heard the opening soundtrack and the not so clear cinematography, I felt like home! This movie has a special air and its so freaking romantic!

Sandra was brilliant in it! She really played Lucy’s shy cute personality. The way she delivers the character’s emotions is so beautiful. As we see her now winning Oscars and making us laugh in blockbuster Comedies, it’s nice to see how brilliant and genuine she was back then and how much she grew ever since.

This is such an enchanting story! It is a complete classic. I need to watch more of those movies! 90s was when love was pure and just simply cute!

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