Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon

This is by far my favorite none Disney animation of all times!! I love Vikings and I love Dragons and this movie have both! It’s action packed and full with Dragon fights!! Therefore this movie is AWESOMELY SICK!

It’s the story of Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) a young Viking who is keen to kill his first Dragon and mount up to his father’s (Gerard Butler) expectations. As known by everyone in the Berk village, Hiccup is weird, troublesome and just plain different. When Dragons attacked the village, Hiccup miraculously hit one of them, the most deadly one, Night Fury! But no one saw the beast falling deep in the forest and didn’t believe him. When he went to find it to try and show everyone how a true Viking he is, he finds Night Fury wounded and scared. Because Hiccup is truly different, he decides not to kill it and help the beast with his wound and with that the cutest best friendship begins!

This is not all, many things happen and the story picks up!! It’s so exciting and really entertaining! The script is hilarious! Just sharp and witty! There are just too many lines that stick in your head! It what makes this animation adult appropriate!! Or maybe crazy adults :p like me. I watched this movie maybe three times! Is it obvious how much I love it :p?!

What I loved as well is the scenes with the recruits training where all the teen Vikings go to train on how to kill a dragon!! There are different types of dragons and their different shapes, colors and powers are freaking awesome!! There’s even a Dragon book that the recruits study from!! You can tell there’s been a lot of thinking going on to build all that world!!

What I love as well is this movie is about accepting yourself and how you can show that being different is not wrong, it’s actually sometimes needed. It is those who question the way of life who can find new better ways to live it! It’s also about the unexpected friendship between Hiccup and Toothless (The Dragon). It’s so sweet and just heartwarming. You’d be amazed by the things and people you will find if only you opened your heart and mind a little ;). 

So Highly Recommended!! I’m super excited for How To Train Your Dragon 2!!! Coming out THIS Summer!!! CAN’T WAIT!!! I saw the trailer! Amazzzzzzzing!! Check it here.

For more info on part 1, click here ^-^

Well, till Maleficent!
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