Monday, May 26, 2014

Movie Review: Need For Speed

Need for speed tells the epic story of Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) and his friends racing to make money so he can save his business after his dad passed away. Then one of his friends is killed “accidentally” by a rich white kid and Tobey ends up in jail and he tries to seek revenge, so what you got here is your typical underdog and your rich powerful douchbag.

If you’re a car fanatic and play the video game you will love it because you will notice the similarity between the movie and the game but if you have never played the game then this movie maybe not be your cup of tea since most of the emphasis is on the game. This shouldn’t surprise anyone since EA sports produced the movie, they didn’t even bother bringing well-known actors except for Aaron Paul who is known for his role as Jessi Pickman in the TV hit Breaking Bad.

The journey of Tobey seeking revenge is amazing. He needs to catch this big race orchestrated by Monarch played by Michael Keaton, so he can win the cash prize, save his business and avenge his friend. If you love car stunts and consider drifting as an art you will fall in love with this movie. Especially that the stunts are real there is no CGI in the movie as mentioned here by Mr. Aaron Paul himself with an interview promoting the movie.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone but if you decide to watch the movie, look for the scene where one of Tobey’s mechanics quit his 9 to 5 job and reunite with his old team. It’s super funny. 
The movie itself is entertaining like you won’t be bored watching it but don’t expect to be attached to the story. What you will attached to is the action and chase of revenge, his chase for making things right. 

For more information on the movie and the trailer, click here.

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