Monday, November 3, 2014

Movie Review: E.T.

Yup, never saw this one before as well! Still digging into the 80s and finding good movies and this is defiantly a cute and magical classic! It would be even magical if I saw it as a kid, cause it’s perfect for kids and such a family movies, but I still enjoyed it and learned why E.T. became one of the most loved famous aliens. He’s so adorable!

So, if you’re like me and didn’t see it; it’s the story of a kid, Elliott (Henry Thomas) who finds a short and ugly, yet very cute alien that he names  E.T. He takes him in and bond with him till he realizes that E.T. needs to go back home. NASA however wants the alien, so it adds to the plot and makes it a bit adventury in the end.

Like the other 80s movies, I rented the HD version (which I LOVE) and believe me, it’s worth the extra money, because it makes it tolerable and feels ok to watch. And this movie did have some lame special effects (especially when the kids flew in the sky and it looked fake) but it didn’t affect me that much. I just brushed it off. Still you can see the great work of Steven Spielberg. I mean talk about a sci-fi genius in the 80s when they didn’t have much to work with! I mean the movie won 4 Oscars including Best Effects! 

You gotta give it to him, the man with the alien obsession brought us the most exciting aliens movies ever. Though he always tend to make them ugly. That’s disappointing. Aliens could be pretty if you allowed them to be, Steven.

Anyways, even though E.T. is such an ugly little fella, he’s still so freaking cute! So cute, I want one!  And you know who else was cute, Elliott sister, Gertie who was played by the cute tiny Drew Barrymore. She was so good and adorable you can’t but smile when she speaks.

This movie is really super cool and every child should watch it! A great movie option for family movie night!  Though the movie is a bit long, 2 hours, but we’re used to long movies these days, so it’s fine!

For more info and the trailer, please click here.

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