Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I’m finally back!!! I don’ know what got into me to stop blogging in the first time! But, here I am! With all new design, thanks to Nour Tohme! She did an amazing job! I love my new blog!!

Ok, so back to business! I will be reviewing so many movies!! I mean I have more than 30 DVDs waiting for me to watch and so many more in Cinemas! So we need to start first with the sizzling summer movie season!! I mean nothing is better than the summer season!!!

Let’s start with already released big movies:

Hangover 3: Hahahahahahahahahhahaa!! I LOVE this comedy!!! I know many don’t think that part 2 and 3 will never be as funny as the first one, but it’s still funny and amusing! I mean it’s a feel good film and we got attached to the characters so much! So don’t miss it, thinking you will not laugh, because that’s impossible!!! Just by having Allen in the film is hilarious!!! I mean he is so unbelievable!! I will always watch Hangover, even if it had part 10!

Fast & Furious 6: Read my review in DFI (Where I work) blog. Click here.

Star Trek: Into the Darkness: Sadly and I regret this with deep emotions, I didn’t watch it! I mean it was only released for TWO (maybe more, don’t remember) weeks and the theater took it of the schedule!! I was so frustrated and annoying! Huge disappointment Doha Cinema!!! I’ll review it as soon as I can get the DVD! Ah!

The Great Gatsby: Ok, I’ve read the book ages ago and I really didn’t like it. I mean so many things annoyed me about the plot and since this is a movie blog that doesn’t review books, I will not speak about it. As you guessed, I didn’t see this film. I may never see it. The only reason I might see it, will be the Tiffany jewelry. Yup, that’s how bad I didn’t like the book.

Iron Man 3: Iron Man and Thor are my two favorite superheroes. I can’t help it! Tony Stark is so cute and charming!!! I love everything about this film! The funny take of everything and the iron man suits. I just love love him! I wanna marry Iron Man, if Thor wasn’t around!

Films I’m dying to watch and hope to review:

Man of Steel – After Earth – Monsters University (hehehe) – Despicable Me 2 (wahaha) – World War Z (Although I have my doubts) – The Bling Ring – The Lone Ranger (Johnny Depp, YES!) – Red 2 (Better not to disappoint me) – The Wolverine (Super excited!!!!) – The new 300 film – Smurfs 2 (The cuteness is back!) – Plans (Disney) – Percy Jackson (didn’t know there was a sequel planned, interesting) and many more!

I know that’s a lot of info thrown in this one post, but I’m super excited and have lots to catch up on!!!

Oh! And btw, I might now and then review TV Shows, just cus it’s fun!!

Wait for my CRAZY reviews!!!
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