Monday, June 17, 2013

Movie Review: Man of Steel

I had my doubts about this film, because I was never a fan of Superman and never bothered to see any of his films, but when you hear that the producer of this version is Christopher Nolan (director of the last three Batman movies) you gotta see it. And I saw it and I LOVED IT!!!

Finally someone put some series magic into this character! Normally it looks so fake and comicy in a very bad way, but this time there was a soul and depth into the story. I know this will sound stupid, but you actually believe it happening!

From the beautiful and very exciting opening in Krypton you can tell there is something different about this version! This time we have almost 15 minutes of scenes in Krypton! I loved it! We know the planet died, but thank you for showing us more of it! I mean that gave depth to the story! The setting was mesmerizing and the destruction of the planet was amazingly amazing!! I loved how the special effects in this film felt effortless. And there was this velvet texture feel to the way it was filmed, so artistic!

Also I loved the cast choice in this film! Russell Crowe (Superman’s real father) who gave a certain nobility to the film and Diane Lane and Kevin Costner (Superman adopted parents) who touches the deepest emotions in your heart, amongst many other great talents!! And OMG, Amy Adams is by far my favorite Lois Lane. She is phenomenon, refreshing and really gave Lois the journalist edge she normally requires. I love her! We can’t also ignore Henry Cavill and his performance as Clark Kent!! He was just perfection in everyway (yes, I wanna marry him!)!!! He was mysterious and he really delivered the sense of his lost soul trying to find home. You will understand my jabbering once you see this film.

The whole film was like a glimpse of Clark’s journey in finding his identity and true calling. But fear not when I say these remarks, there is mind blowing FIGHT SCENES!! With Superman defying his own people and the fist fight in the sky will get you sitting on the edge of your seat!!!

This film has all the right elements of success. Even as I’m writing this review, I’m listening one of the enchanting soundtracks of Hans Zimmer and it’s just got me in the right mood to write!!

I loved all the plot twists and surprises and this movie actually made me fall for Superman once more!! Don’t miss it!!

Till the next fun film!
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