Friday, June 17, 2011

Movie Review Summery

This summer like I said is going to be a great blockbuster movies summer!!!  The season started before I create this blog, so here are some movies I've seen during the last month:
This is so AWESOME I can't sit still when I remember it!!! You must, you must, you MUST see this movie!!!! One of the best superheroes ever!! I'm in love with THOR!!!
Chris Hemsworth was the right choice for Thor's character. He's so funny, charming and has the look of a hero. I really enjoyed his performance. He did really well. You cannot help falling for him ;). He is brilliant and I hope to see him again in better roles!!
I enjoyed the small appearance of Sir Anthony Hopkins, he is perfect for a king and Natalie Portman is my new favorite actress!! Also how can we not salute SHIELD ;)!!
The setting of Asgard is just wow!! I want to go there!! This movie is soo magical! It took the old myths and turned it to an amazing movie!!!
I can't wait for the DVD to be released!! And btw, the trailer didn't give it justice! It's so much better :D!!!

Scream 4
Yes, I admit, this part wasn't as good as the previous ones. Watching it was like visiting an old memory; like a picture that reminds you of your teenage years. It was somehow predictable and funny more than scary. If you wanted to just go on a visit to that part of your life you should see it and if you never saw scream, watch all of them, not only the last so you'll know why we love SCREAM!
"What is your favorite scary movie?"

Red Riding Hood
I'm in love with this new movement; the way they take old childish fairy tales and make it edgy and romancy. The weather and the sitting of this movie give you this awesome chill that enchants you! I'm a huge fairytale geek, so you can't blame me when I say this movie will be one of my favorites!!! 
I didn't want to see it at first since I thought it was either a children movie or a really bad horror, but I was blown out by the way they recreated the story!! It makes my heart tingle hehe.

Pirates of the Caribbean (On Strange Tides)
What can I say about this movie!! Jack Sparrow is an immortal character!!! When I left the movie theater, I only said one thing, "I wanna be a mermaid!!" These movies define magic!!!
I thought it was somehow slow paced, but I enjoyed it never the less. Johnny Depp is a genius. I really don't know what to say about this movie! I think everyone knows how good it is and how we really want more Pirates of the Caribbean. It became part of our lives!
The movie is Timeless!!
Kong Fu Panda 2
I was kinda disappointed by this part. I mean, I kept waiting to laugh, grin or anything, but it was just so predictive. This is my honest opinion. The kids will enjoy it, but there was no "return of awesomeness." Jack Black is a funny actor, but I dunno, I wasn't hocked.  
The only thing I liked was the Kong Fu. The way the animators designed the movies is brilliant.
Take all your kids at ones to see the movie. I don't think it's good enough for a second round.  


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