Saturday, June 18, 2011

Movie Review: The Green Lantern

I so want to be a green lantern, not only to ride with the handsome Hal Jordan, but to actually see the rest of the
Lanterns. From the movie posters I thought they'll be more intergalactic battles.
Still the movie is fun and enjoyable. It has some exciting fighting scenes and it's so awesome to see the ring on action!!
I will defiantly get the DVD, but that's cus I'm a sci-fi geek :p.

I really wanted to see more lanterns and get to know them. Hal was enough for this part, he was good! But if there are any new sequels I want more lanterns!!

I love how new technology allows movie makers create stories that we only thought we can write or dream about. The technique that the special features people work out the suits and the aliens are amazing! It's like the comic book was alive!!! Though I never read the comic book, so feel free to doubt me hehe.

Weirdly, I liked Blake Lively, she was really good playing Carol. She was believable in her role and very fashionable too.

So, in the end, you should go see the movie. It'll be for sure a classic superhero movie!!

Sleep tight tonight cus we are being protected by awesome Green Lanterns ;)

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