Friday, June 17, 2011

Movie Review: Black Swan

The movie is brilliant!! I couldn't even find a better title for it. It will seduce you from the beginning till the end. The art, the dances and the whole thing is just amazing.
At start you think about the topic of perfection and how you can be perfect by letting go and just lose it. The struggle in the story reflects the dark reality we sometime lives and it shows us how far someone can go for their dream and the reach of perfection.
But then in the last couple of scenes you are just drawn into the movie by an enchanting spell. You forget the world existence and be one with the Sawn; both black and white. It was more than brilliant!!
The way Natalie Portman played the role deserves more than an Oscar. She did achieve perfection. I write this post as I watch her play the last act of Swan Lake. I mean just wow!
"It was perfect."

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