Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Movie Review: 127 Hours

In this post I'm not talking about super heroes of magical creatures with mystical powers, I'm talking about the strength that lies inside everyone of us. The way we can bear hardship and overcome difficult situations is remarkable.
In the movie, 127 hours (based on a true story) we meet Aron Ralston who got trapped as a falling boulder trapped him inside a canyon. I cannot express the feeling that filled me as I watched the movie! It was such a hard journey and if I was in his place, I won't stop crying.

These kind of true stories inspire us to be better and teach us valuable tips in case (God forbid) we ended up in the same situation. Always, always, always tell people where you're going! Post it in facebook or tweet it if you want!
James Franco was brilliant! He was so believable and I could see the pain, frustration and determination in his eyes. He deserved the Oscar nomination.  I loved the way the movie was filmed, looked real and somehow as a documentary.
I cried at the end and that tells you something!!!
And remember, we all have that strength within; we only have to find it.

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