Saturday, November 9, 2013

Movie Review: Thor, The Dark World

So after not seeing any movie for 5 weeks, I went to see the new Thor! Oh, how much I love living in a time when sequels do not disappoint! It was so amazing, magnificent and magical!!!

The plot is the same as always, new darkness threatening the world, the need to save the world and the amazing superhero that just takes our breath away! Even though the story line is the same, each superhero movie has its own soul that shine through the screen and I love how in this sequel, the director still captured the essence of what Thor is really about.  It still has that air of royalty that just really mesmerizing.

The best part is that most part of the movie was in Asgard!! I mean the scenes were so beautiful. I love how that world capture the touch of ancient Greece with the touch of advanced technology. I’m so bored with war happening on Earth, so for me it’s perfect!

The movie is so so exciting! Like I said it didn’t disappoint. We see more of the other realms and more battles here and there. It’s so epic, exciting and heartbreaking! It’s also charming and hilarious!!

I didn’t expect it to be so awesome! I also have to applaud to Marvel and their amazing way to linking all their heroes’ films together. It makes it so real and enjoyable. Totally Genius!

I am so happy!! Thor is for sure one of my favorites superheroes of all time (alongside Iron Man and Wolverine)

Till the next one!

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