Saturday, November 16, 2013

Movie Review: Elysium

A very intense, exciting and heartbreaking film!! Staring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, it’s the story of how after 100 years from now, Earth is so crowded and full of diseases, so everyone is sick and poor except for few Elites, who lives in a huge space ship, Elysium. In Elysium, no one is sick or poor. One Earth citizen, Max (Damon) gets exposed to deathly doses of radiation, so in 5 days he will die, unless he get into the highly protected Elysium.

With that, the crazy exciting story, the movie starts! It's filled with action packed scenes! It’s so intense and bloody. There are robots, massive guns and car chases! Even a love story and emotional scenes. The whole package!

The film other than being just an action sci-fi film, you will defiantly notice the representation of the immigration stiuation in America through this film. I mean the ones on Earth speak Spanish and they are “illegal” immigrants who want to cross the boarders to Elysium. It shows why these immigrants try to break the laws. They’re just trying for a better life for them and their loved ones. It also depicts on horrible work environment. It just heartbreaking to see it on the screen and then you realize, wait, this actually happens in real life. It’s an important message to convey.

It’s just shows how a movie always have something behind its scenes! And it’s made in a very awesome way with all the contrast between the characters of people and scenery on Earth and Elysium.

I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it. I can’t believe it was released in August and we just got it! Typical!

Anyway, next week is, Hunger Games!!!!

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