Sunday, July 7, 2013

Movie Review: The Heat

It's soso funny!!! I couldn’t stop laughing from the first scene!!!!!This comedy is one of the best I’ve seen in years!! The story of super professional and arrogant Special Agent Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) and the mischievous crazy, officer Mullins (Melissa McCarthy). This is by far one of my favorite comedy duo ever!!
The film is full with action, hilarious scenes and fun times!!! It’s one of my favorite films of the summer!! You will continue to laugh even hours after it ends!! Even though I saw it yesterday, it still can make me crack up!!
It’s pretty obvious the film will be a hit when you put two amazing funny actresses together. You can’t go wrong with it! And you know what else I loved about the film?? The film delivered so much more than the trailer promised!!! Which is what a great movie is all about!! I hate it when funny films assemble all the funny scenes in the trailer! I’m so glad this one is different!!
I’m so getting the DVD!!
Oh! And I got a pile of classics from Amazon the other day! So will do some retro reviewing soon!!
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